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Academic Information

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Details Of Previous Study In Pakistan Of Tourism And Hotel Management (If Any)

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Documents To be Submitted with form

1.Four Color Passport Size Photographs 2.Copy Of CNIC Pass/Marks/Degree Certificate

Undertaking Of Students

do hereby solemnly declare that

  1. The Information provided in my application from and the documents attached are correct and true to the best of my knowledge if there is any incomplete or incorrect information, it will disqualify me for the admission
  2. At any time during the course of my study , if it is found that any information/document provided is incorrect, then the institution has the rights to cancel my admission without any notice
  3. I undertake that I shall attend not less than 80% of the classes and will be punctual till final examination
  4. I will not indulge in any political ethnic , inmoral or any activity prohibited by the institute
  5. I will pay all my fees in time. In case of late payment of fees whatsoever nature , I will pay the surchargeable payment penality (if any) fixed by the institute in case fee(s) is not paid for more than 60 days after the due date , the institute ca cancel my admission temporarily or permanently , and i will not claim refund of any amount paid
  6. I understand, accept and agree to abide by the rules , regulations and policies of institute including those in effect at the time of registerations and those which may come into effect during my period of study
  7. I confirm that I have read the institute's literature and understand the institute's program of study I will take the level of education I will receive , the cost of my study and the institute's expectations regarding my behaviour.
  8. I confirm that I have read the above and hereby understand the terms and conditions. I wish to aplly for the admission in Pakistan Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management Karachi

Undertaking Of Parent/Guardian

hereby fully endrose the undertaking given by

And Assure that

  1. He/She will abide this undertaking during his/her studies at Pakistan Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management , Karachi
  2. I also make myself if liable to pay all outstanding dues and will take full responsibility for his/her behaviour

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